One in three UK retailers are not ready for this year’s peak Christmas period, according to new research by Ampersand, based on the top 100 retailers The survey looked at 4 basic services retailers should be implementing to increase sales:

1-      Persistent Cart – the ability to add items to your basket on one device and checkout on another

2-      Fully functional mobile site

3-      Express Delivery (Same day, next day and Sunday delivery)

4-      Free easy returns

One in three of the top 100 online retailers are not offering their customers at least one of these services which are important to a good cross channel customer experience.

Retail Week, in association with Microsoft, posed questions to 1,000 shoppers for a new report on Christmas spending. It covers several topics including the effect of Christmas spending, consumer mood and customer confidence.  Almost half of shoppers who participated in the study said they will spend the same as last year. Just under a third (29%) said they will spend more, while 23% said they will spend less.

Nearly one in five shoppers say they will not visit the high street at all for Christmas shopping this year. In addition, 84% say they will spend a proportion of their overall Christmas budget online this year. That is higher than the proportion of people who say they will spend a proportion of their budget on the high street (81%).

The defining factor of Customer experience continues to be price. Sales and discounting remain the most common things that will sway shoppers to spend with a particular brand.


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