Dundeis, a newcomer in the natural grocery trade, is preparing to disrupt the industry with its premium range of diverse, eco-friendly products. Guided by industry experts and bolstered by critical investments, Dundeis chose the Accord Distribution Solution to help its rapid growth.

Recognising the pivotal role of operational efficiency and exceptional customer service on their journey to success, Dundeis has strategically chosen to invest in the specialised Accord food and drink business system. Collaborating closely with the Accord team, Dundeis executed a swift implementation to ensure their team members had fully prepared themselves for the anticipated business surge upon their catalogue launch in October.

But Dundeis’ commitment to excellence continues beyond there. They also leverage Accord’s unified commerce model to offer a seamless and comprehensive buying and customer service experience across digital platforms. Therefore, this forward-thinking move includes introducing a new ecommerce site and a mobile application.

Mike Kilcourse, Managing Director at Dundeis, expressed unwavering confidence in this decision. He stated, “Accord’s innovative and comprehensive distribution solution aligns perfectly with our mission to provide unparalleled customer service and operational excellence. We believe this is the ideal partnership for Dundeis.” Drawing from past experiences with Accord, he highlighted the system’s track record in delivering top-notch customer service and responsiveness. Furthermore, he also praised Accord’s unwavering focus and the support provided by the BCP team in implementing best-in-class processes.

Dundeis’ Strategic Alliance with Accord Distribution Solution

Dundeis’ decision to partner with the Accord Distribution Solution reflects their commitment to excellence. Additionally, it shows their desire to enhance efficiency and customer service within the industry. Accord also empowers Dundeis to precisely predict demand by harnessing cutting-edge technology and data analysis. As a result, they have benefitted from optimised inventory levels, enhanced efficiency, and reduced costs. This resulted in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction – essential components of business growth.

With the implementation of the Accord Distribution Solution, Dundeis is well-positioned to meet the needs of its expanding business. It also provides customers with a seamless experience across all channels, equipping them with a competitive advantage.

Dundeis is revolutionising the natural grocery sector. Its partnership with Accord boosts success and growth. Together, they are transforming operations and setting new industry standards for efficient and responsive service.

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