The competition for consumers’ business has never been greater than in the current economic climate.  In order to secure the loyalty of customers it is essential to deliver goods at the right price and also provide a smooth transaction.  Whether you are a retail or wholesale distributor; stock control software can help you ensure customer satisfaction and secure repeat custom.

Intelligent stocking

The ability to monitor the stock levels and review the sales history of product lines allows you to quickly evaluate the performance of every item.  By acting on this information businesses can stock popular product lines whilst eradicating those that are not in demand.  If you have several sites the stock levels can be managed centrally, with products being moved around accordingly to deal with demand.  Stock control software can also take into consideration historic sales data to provide an accurate demand forecast taking into account seasonality and promotional demand.  Through intelligent stock management you can make sure that you always have the right products available to your customers at the right time.

Reduced lead time

Receiving an accurate order on time is one of the key requirements for all customers.  Stock control software helps you reduce lead time to customers by minimising stock outs.  By keeping stock at optimum performance levels you can also make sure that you never have individual items in stock for too long.  This is especially important to distributors of food and drink; who are able to provide stock with longer best before dates.

Competitive pricing

By monitoring demand and lead times on individual product lines you can forecast how quickly stock is likely to be moved.  As a result you can avoid stock write-offs and order products in quantities that can work out more economically for your business; enabling you to offer better prices to your customers.

BCP’s Accord® Stock Control Software can help you deliver an excellent service level to your customers whilst also reducing operating costs.  Full integration with Purchase Order Management, EPoS, Sales Order Management and Warehouse Management Software modules allow for a complete wholesale and retail stock control system.

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