Google has created a store experience called the Retail Agility Challenge – an initiative designed to promote its technology to retailers. A mock store experience was used to showcase its App for Work technology, which is used by AllSaints and Ocado. It does not process any transactions but demonstrates scenarios where retail employees could use Google’s technology to overcome day-to-day operational challenges.

Google said that its pop-up experience is being attended by 45 leading UK retailers, who are bringing employees ranging from senior executives to staff from tech and HR divisions.

All Saints chief executive William Kim said the fashion retailer was using Google’s technology to “futureproof” its business and engage younger employees. The introduction of Google Apps, as simple as it sounds, has changed the business dramatically. The cloud-based platform has been able to unite the company’s departments and people all over the world. From the factories and offices in Portugal and Turkey to the designers in East London and Hong Kong, and all the retail stores throughout the world.

The fashion retailer uses Google’s tech to share images from across its international stores, share video content showing best practice and host Google Hangouts for its 3,200-strong staff worldwide.

Ocado’s chief technology officer Paul Clarke said the etailer used Google technology for its cloud integration with Morrisons, and added that it was “unusual” for the online grocer to use third-party suppliers for its tech rather than building it in-house. He added that other retailers had a way to go in embracing risk to drive their digital strategies forward.

Google’s pop-up experience lasted an hour and involved a tour of the mock store environment, which will demonstrated various day-to-day operational challenges, such as visual merchandising, signage and communicating with employees across different store and locations. It has been designed to demonstrate how Google can be a partner for retailers in their digital transformation journey.