What is Home Scanning?

Home Scanning is the next big thing in online shopping. It’s an innovative, handheld scanning solution which enables us to scan bar-codes from the comfort of our own kitchens, making shopping easier. 

How does it work?

Waitrose is the first UK retailer to currently trail the Hiku home scanning device, enabling Waitrose customers to populate their electronic waitrose.com shopping basket by either scanning a product bar-code or speaking a product name into the device. A small palm sized device that can attached to the fridge or kept in and around the home, Hiku allows items to be added as they are taken out of cupboards or fridges, or customers can speak ingredients from recipes. There is also a phone app to enable customers to update their shopping basket on the go when outside of the home.

Sainsbury’s new mobile app allows barcode scanning whether in store or at home. In the US Amazon have launched the Amazon Dash Button- a wi-fi enabled plastic controller that allows you to order basic household supplies at the touch of a button.

The small device is designed to be stuck or hung in a convenient place, such as on the washing machine or next to the bath. When you’re running low on washing powder or toilet roll, pressing the Dash Button triggers a swift delivery of the product. Should you press the button by accident, the order can be cancelled within 30 minutes. Only one delivery will be processed, meaning if you press the button multiple times you wont end up inundated with everyday goods. This will predictably gain momentum this year and despite remaining quite niche, it enables retailers to offer additional customer choice.

The Hiku is currently being trialled as part of Waitrose Hot Ideas, a new programme that seeks to develop technology to improve customer experience .