How a Telesales system can help you

The right telesales software system can give greater control over the daily management of calls and has proven to have given improved overall effectiveness of the Telesales operation. It is CTI enabled, intuitive and easy to use, it allows operators to work more efficiently and proactively using the wealth of real-time information available to increase sales by promoting deals and cross-selling. 


Telesales is a vital business driver, but technology can cause problems as each customer needs a personalised approach.  Good solutions allow operators to work in an informed, ordered yet proactive manner, optimising customer service while making the most of the sales opportunity.

Using Accord

Accord Telesales Software System offers operators speed of entry, instant access to real time stock and price information with complete flexibility, thus allowing them to respond to customers’ requirements and offer a high degree of customer service plus maximising sale opportunities.

It allows for colour screens and colour coding ease screen interpretation while detailed and flexible supervisor screens give the supervisor effective control over the work of the whole department thereby maximising efficiency of the entire telesales team.

Here are some of the key features and benefits available in Accord’s Telesales Software System:

• Fully integrated to Stock Control, Sales Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Web Ordering
• Fast Order Entry
• Daily call schedules with colour highlighting of outstanding/overdue calls
• Colour Screens and highlighting of fields to ease screen interpretation and speed entry
• Comprehensive on screen information, including real time stock availability and customer specific pricing
• Dynamic order profile based on customer purchasing patterns
• Automatic substitutes for out of stocks
• Special promotional screens
• Comprehensive/flexible supervisor screens
• CTI – TAPI compliant telephone dialler
• Efficient customer care system
• Automatic production of documentation
• Detailed reporting

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