At a recent event hosted by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD), many wholesalers expressed frustration about suppliers not providing enough product information. As a result, staff must juggle documents and spreadsheets, and liaise with suppliers to get the information they need. Overall, it’s slowing down operations.  

With rising costs, labour shortages and new government initiatives adding complexity to the supply chain, efficiency and supplier collaboration are vital to maximising your productivity. You can no longer afford to have staff spend valuable time on unnecessary processes and time-consuming tasks.  

Luckily, there is a solution. One that optimises supplier collaboration and reduces the burden on your team. Continue reading to find out how a Product Information Management (PIM) system like Oporteo PIM can eliminate the unnecessary processes slowing your team down.  

Refine your on-boarding processes to get more information from your suppliers 
A PIM system includes a supplier area which means you can transfer the refining process for product on-boarding to your suppliers via a secure, central repository. This reduces the burden on your team and will automatically ensure the data you receive meets your company’s requirements. 

Oporteo PIM is designed to be used by both your staff and your suppliers to facilitate closer collaboration. In addition, it will significantly reduce the administrative burden on your team so they can focus on enriching the product data and getting it to market quicker. 

Streamline approval processes for faster publication 
PIM solutions offer everything you need to manage your product content. Including customisable product forms to ensure you can upload precisely what information and digital assets your business needs.  

Oporteo PIM includes workflows that enable you to review and approve data additions or changes to ensure high standards are always met. 

Publish across multiple channels at the click of a button 
As a central repository, a PIM System makes it easier to publish up-to-date and consistent information to multiple sales channels.  

Oporteo PIM has features that enable you to distinguish various sales channels so you can publish only the product information required. This means that all your different products will display consistently across each channel and reduce the need to update the data manually. 

Please get in touch to find out more about how a PIM solution could make your business more efficient.