Web Ordering gives wholesale customers another way of buying – over the Internet. What’s involved depends on the nature of the customers. Retailers may need to enter large orders quickly into your system; catering outlets may place smaller orders but need more interactivity to check availability and prices.

What are the benefits?

For customers, ordering is more convenient. A good system will also provide personalised pricing, information on promotions, instant access to stock availability and alternatives so that substitutes can be chosen for out of stocks and the ability to view past orders and self manage invoices. For wholesalers, it offers major cost savings as orders are placed directly into their fulfilment process, eliminating re-keying, reducing paperwork and minimising errors. Increased customer loyalty is often a by-product.

What do I need?

A permanent Internet connection, a web server and, critically, Web Ordering software which fully integrates with your Sales Order Processing and WMS. Some Web Ordering systems use stock balances from the previous night and just produce an email or printout for re-keying into sales order entry systems. This retains all the old re-keying problems and prevents customers accessing real-time information during ordering.

What about security?

Choose a provider who can set up controlled access to only the data you wish to make available.

Is Telesales redundant?

No. It’s about choice. 24 hour a day Web Ordering may help retain some customers. For others, personal Telesales may generate more business.

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