An iBeacon is a wireless technology which uses Bluetooth low energy to create a new way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones, Androids (4.3) and other apple iOS devices.

The beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters, and apps can track the signal transmitted and respond.

IBeacons have the potential to change the cash and carry landscape, by giving wholesalers the chance to provide a seamless customer experience and to gather information on shopping behaviour and customers, thereby giving new insights to improve business operations.

Ibeacons can help Cash & Carry operators engage customers with relevant content on their shopping journey around the depot as the user can choose what kind of messages to deliver for example, if a customer is in the Depot, welcome messages, links to particular product information and even promotional offers can be sent.

Some benefits of iBeacons in cash and carry include,

– Control content and promotionsshutterstock_141226648-Copy-1024x470

– Improve customer experience, grow loyalty, increase sales

– Integrate customer offline–online–offline buying experience

– Valuable data collection for streamlining marketing and operations as well as for sending out personalised messages, useful coupons and deals

BCP offer a full iBeacon solution, including Beacon Management System, beacon hardware, staff and consumer Apps so cash and carry operators can exploit the trend towards mobile shopping to increase loyalty and build sales.

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