An Epos system is something that no modern store should be without. It speeds up customer transactions, translating into higher sales, greater customer satisfaction and give customers greater security. Despite this, many store owners resist getting one. It requires the installation of a lot of bulky equipment and the software required to run it can be complex and difficult to understand.

A cloud Epos system is much cheaper, simple to install and easier to maintain. This is because the software needed to run it is stored in the Cloud. There is no need for extensive hardware to be installed in the store. It offers all of the services of a static Epos system, such as transaction records, customer loyalty programs and reporting tools. A cloud-based system can operate on any mobile device, even a smart phone, so it can be used anywhere in the store.

  • Much More Cost Effective

A static POS system costs a lot. Not only is there the cost of the equipment, but there are also constant maintenance and upgrade costs. Rental can ameliorate the up front costs, but they end up costing more in the long run. Not only that, but with a cloud-based system, there is no need to pay for IT staff to keep it running. Instead, the owners of the equipment that the software is stored on will have an extensive, well-trained IT staff on hand to deal with problems at all hours.

  • Safe, Unrestricted Data Access

Because all customer and store data is kept at a central hub, every device in your store can easily access any records that they need. Data backups are performed regularly, so that there is never any risk of losing transaction records.

  • The Latest Software

A cloud-based system receives the latest software updates the moment they become available. This saves store owners a lot of time and effort, and ensures both owners and customers the highest possible level of security.

A cloud-based electronic point of sales system is designed to be simple to use. They can be used after very little training. Most include additional benefits, such as a time clock and an employee messaging system, that will make other aspects of store operations easier as well. With such utility and simplicity, the future of ePOS is in the Cloud.