We are thrilled to introduce Matt Webber, BCP’s new Business Transformation Specialist. Although his name may be new here, his wealth of expertise in logistics and software solutions is anything but.

Matt’s journey began at the University of Leicester, where he developed a keen interest in software technologies to optimise operational efficiency. This fascination became a career, taking him from a local 4PL to international software companies. Before joining us at BCP, Matt’s recent post was with EPG, a German company, where he specialised in warehouse management systems (WMS) and voice-based technologies.

The heart of Matt’s expertise lies in voice picking – a leading technology in sustainable warehouse operations. Voice picking not only enhances efficiency by providing real-time guidance to warehouse workers, but it also significantly reduces paper usage. This powerful tool is environmentally friendly and optimises picking routes while reducing wastage, resulting in increased overall operational capacity of warehouse management.

Matt’s approach to voice-picking seamlessly aligns with BCP’s vision, making him a perfect addition to our team. His first few weeks at BCP have already seen him hit the ground running, and he has already made quite the impact, initiating measures to strengthen customer relationships and facilitate process improvement and innovation. Matt’s role extends beyond sales; he collaborates closely with clients to identify growth opportunities through system enhancements.

As we move forward, we are excited to see Matt leverage his expertise in voice picking and other innovative technologies to enhance BCP’s mission of sustainable and efficient warehouse operations. We have no doubt his contributions will be instrumental. As a frontrunner in sustainable warehouse solutions, we are excited to see the innovative transformations Matt will bring to our team, clients, and the broader warehouse management industry.

Our Voice Picking Solutions (WMS)

At BCP, we know how fundamental your warehouse operations are to your supply chain. However, for it to work efficiently, a delicate balance of supply, demand and stock control solutions must be achieved. 

Our Accord Voice WMS is not limited to just picking activities. It covers all the functions of a warehouse, making it a versatile solution that can be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure, providing distinct advantages over traditional bolt-on middleware. It empowers users to enhance warehouse efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service standards.

As pioneers in the industry, our integral voice directive solution available from goods receiving through to picking and marshalling delivers the ultimate in efficiency and quality, optimised to your operations to drive sustainable growth. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Our cost-effective solution includes various features and functionality to support your business and enhance your operations. Click here to learn more, or contact one of our experts with any questions about our Voice WMS and how it can benefit your business.