Businesses want increased productivity, efficiency, and agility. Employees want flexibility to work anywhere using their preferred mobile device. With this comes the need to give employees better access to company data on the go via both corporate owned devices and through bring your own device (BYOD) schemes. However in the rush to mobilise workforces, many organisations are overlooking the need to manage the process cost effectively. For corporate environments there are a variety of elements involved in managing a mobile workforce which include establishing data limits and voice policies, working out who pays for what, and agreeing which applications can be accessed on devices. Adoption of an expense management solution is key to ensure costs for all of this stay at an optimal level. Factors to consider below.

Expense manage your corporate fleet

Bills should be reviewed to ensure the appropriate tariffs are in place. This can highlight employee usage and help businesses determine which members of staff need a corporate funded device and which can supply their own as part of a BYOD scheme.

Deploy policies on approved business apps and messages centrally

Create a list of approved apps to ensure mobile data allowance is used for work purposes only. This will enable businesses to prevent employees downloading costly, unsecure apps for personal use.

Restrict by call type or even individual numbers

Create a list of disapproved numbers as certain numbers can cost more from a mobile.

Reduce unnecessary expenditure   

Have a data usage limits in place, where users receive a warning message can be sent when the limit is close to being reached, prevents data bill shocks at the end of the month and expensive picture messaging can also be blocked.

Deploy secure Wi-Fi credentials

For devices that connect to Wi-Fi when in a corporate building, set credentials to help staff avoid using mobile data allowance unnecessarily. The additional security this offers also enables devices to be locked or wiped remotely in the event of loss or theft.

With companies increasingly offering mobile solutions for staff, expense management is essential to prevent inappropriate and unnecessary use. As the examples highlighted above show, leaving a BYOD scheme or corporate funded device without monitoring can be highly ineffective and costly.

According to a study conducted by Cisco, businesses can gain 4 more hours a week from staff by allowing them the freedom and flexibility to work as and when they choose via BYOD. By taking control and closely managing costs from day one, businesses can reap the full benefits of mobile solutions.