Point of sale software is a very useful tool for business owners and has helped to streamline the retail process.  The introduction of point of sale software has proven extremely successful and the vast majority of retail outlets now utilise it as part of the checkout processes.  However, for those unfamiliar with it, the exact way in which such systems work can be a bit of a mystery.  Here we give a brief introduction to  how point of sale software works in a retail environment.

The old solution

In the past push button tills were common place in shops throughout the UK.  Whilst they did the job they were intended for, there was always the possibility that the till operator could enter the wrong amount.  This could of course lead to under or overcharging a customer, leaving the business out of pocket or the customer unhappy or suspicious.

A new idea

The introduction of barcoding and Pos software raised the bar in retailing, minimising the chances of charging customers the incorrect price and, at the same time, opening the door to a whole range of other features to help retailers operate their businesses more effectively.  Rather than typing an amount into the till, the operator instead scans the barcode on the item that the customer is purchasing by using a barcode reader.  In some businesses where bar codes are not appropriate, such as restaurants, the till operator will instead select each specific item via a visual interface.  These screens have large interactive buttons that allow easy navigation to cut down on user error.

Additional bonuses

Other bonuses that point of sale software can provide to businesses are extensive.  Properly used, point of sale software allows retailers to track sales, identify good and bad selling items, control stock levels and manage prices and margins, thereby improving profitability.  At the same time, customer service is improved – faster service/shorter queues, the option to pay by card, e-top up and a host of other point of sale software services to enhance the customer experience.  There is also the option of adding extras such as electronic weighing scales and self service tills.

At BCP our point of sale software, Accord® EPoS, provides all of the benefits mentioned here and much more.  In addition it is designed to link automatically to our Accord – Back Office and Accord – Central Store Management software, enabling full store management as required.  If you would like further information on any of our products and services then call our friendly staff on +44(0) 161 355 3000.  Alternatively, you can email us at retail@bcpsoftware.com or complete our online contact form.