Propelled by the latest mobile and in-store technologies, retailers are now able to bring the modern shopping journey to life, creating instant, personalised experiences for shoppers on their smartphone, online and in stores.

At this year’s National Retail Federation’s annual convention and expo, Microsoft, alongside its partners, demonstrated how it is helping retailers to reinvent the in-store shopping experience for customers and showcased some innovative scenarios to bring digital into the store.

One solution which was being presented was AvaRetail’s Shelf Tracker – a system that uses the Microsoft Kinect sensor to observe the behaviour of people in stores allowing every interaction with the shelf to be monitored and recorded in real time, giving retailers an insight to customer purchasing behaviour and enabling them to personalise the shopper experience.

Another solution which was shown was the NEC Biometric interface with the Kinect camera system, which can track who’s in store. Using facial recognition, the application can determine an individual’s age and gender, helping retailers to provide a more personal selling experience. It can also provide 3D views of the customer to determine their level of engagement with the products – and all of this information is stored away for further analysis by the retailer.