In this insightful interview, we sit down with Ben Blythe, the newly appointed Technical Consultant at Business Computer Projects (BCP). With over 25 years at BCP, Ben shares invaluable insights into the evolution and benefits of Accord, BCP’s comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solution. As well as the impactful role of warehouse automation in the future of wholesale. Join us as we explore the future of warehouse efficiency with Ben.


From Implementation to Insight: Ben’s Transition at BCP

Ben, could you describe your journey from handling Accord implementations to focusing on commercial strategies?

Ben Blythe: Absolutely. I started by implementing Accord directly with our clients, handling everything from system design to the go-live phases. Over the years, I shifted towards a more strategic role because I wanted a new challenge and to leverage my technical expertise in a commercial context.


The Strategic Advantage of Accord in Wholesale Business Operations

How does Accord specifically benefit wholesale businesses looking to optimise their operations?
Ben Blythe: Accord is designed to enhance operational efficiency through a wide range of tools specifically designed with wholesalers in mind. Including dynamic demand forecasting capabilities to track seasonal trends, product and price maintenance features to allow you to set customer-specific pricing or change pricing as needed, and a Perfect Order dashboard so you can assess areas causing problems and make improvements to increase the percentage of perfect orders to customers. Overall, tight integration of all business processes ensures improved productivity and accuracy while significantly reducing costs. Whether procurement, sales, or warehouse management, Accord provides a cohesive platform that streamlines operations and supports real-time decision-making.

With the growing trend towards automation, how does Accord WMS integrate with the latest in warehouse automation and AI?
Ben Blythe: That’s a great question. Accord WMS itself is a robust warehouse management system with built-in business logic that is continuously updated to meet industry demands. With Accord Connect, our enabling software, we can seamlessly integrate with any external automation system—be it automated picking machines or forklift trucks. This capability allows businesses to adopt automation technologies effortlessly, enhancing speed and accuracy in warehouse operations. Having a modern, fully integrated WMS system is essential for supporting automation initiatives and making sure businesses can get the most out of the latest warehouse technologies.

Can you expand on how Accord’s ERP system stands out in today’s market?
Ben Blythe: Sure, the ERP landscape might seem saturated, but Accord distinguishes itself with its breadth of functionality and its industry-specific capabilities. It integrates sales, purchasing, warehousing, and financials into a single platform. This integration provides businesses with a unified view of operations, ensuring that all transactions are updated in real-time across the board, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
How do you see Accord evolving with technological advancements and industry demands?

Ben Blythe: Warehouse automation is undoubtedly at the forefront of warehouse innovation as businesses seek to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. Accord is well-positioned to support these advancements, providing the necessary tools and integrations to leverage state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI, for demand forecasting and marketing optimisation.

Finally, for businesses considering automation, what initial steps would you recommend?
Ben Blythe: I’d take a three-step approach to integration preparation:

  • Begin by evaluating the most cost-intensive parts of your warehouse operations.
  • Identify areas that you can easily automate to yield quick benefits.
  • Start small with solutions like automated rack-picking systems and gradually expand as you see improvements in efficiency and cost reduction.

As Ben outlines, Accord is not just a software solution, but a strategic tool that can transform how wholesale businesses handle supply chain management. With its ability to provide comprehensive ERP functionality and advanced warehouse management solutions, Accord equips wholesalers to navigate industry challenges efficiently and make the most of new and exciting technologies such as automation and AI.

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