This year Argos became the first UK multichannel retailer to hit £1bn of m-commerce sales in a year. Here are six reasons why Argos is leading the way

1. Multichannel

Argos has created a seamless journey for customers, using mobile as connector between the virtual and physical world. 90% of all Argos purchases touch a store at some stage of the journey emphasising Argos position as a truly multichannel retailer. The added convenience of being able to shop online and collect at an Argos store within hours has convinced increasing numbers of consumers to shop with the retailer on their mobiles

2.Reserve and Collect

Argos installed kiosks and click-and –collect points in its stores years before it came a top investment requirement in the industry. The retailer reserve and collect service has grown to become hugely efficient and helps drive footfall into stores prompting more online goods to be sold online and through mobile for in store collection

3.In Store Tablet

Argos stores are now equipped with numerous fixed tablets for customers to use, while staff have portable devices to assist with orders. With the new in store browsers it gives users a real sense of the digital experience and encourages customers to try it.

4.Hub Stores

The distribution network was designed to take advantage of the shift to online shopping, and allows same day collection of around 20,000 products. Larger hub stores which act almost as mini warehouses, can distribute stock to smaller branches located nearby using real time stock visibility technology. This means customers can pick up more goods at their local Argos store which increases convenience by eliminating the need to travel further afield to collect products.

5. Mobile App

The Argos mobile app has features which make it easy for shoppers to use including a map showing where nearby stores are, saved previous product searches, navigable menus and large text. It also provides detailed product images and descriptions but more importantly offers home delivery and click and collect options when purchasing. It also offers a pay now or pay later options.

6. Gift Finder

Argos gift finder proved a huge hit when released last November just in time for Christmas. The company drew inspiration from Tinder allowing customers to swipe there screens one way to save a product in a list or swipe the other way to discard unwanted items. Each swipe contributes to improving the filtering of products when consumers browse online. The average visitor spent more than three minutes looking a gift suggestions.


Omni channel retailing developments in both offline and online shopping creates a seamless experience for consumers. It gives customers the best possible opportunities to shop both online and offline through initiatives such as price matching and click-and-collect at the same time as making sure the “back-end” platform gives retailers full transparency of stock and the individual customer. Find out more about our Omni Channel solution here- Omni Channel Solutions