After years of uncertainty, there is now a deal in place for Brexit. However, there remain substantial concerns about the knock-on effect this will have throughout the UK supply chain. Importers and exporters face new customs charges and delays at border control if paperwork is not correct. The consequences of which will be detrimental, particularly for those responsible for distributing fresh and perishable produce. 

Businesses are being warned not to underestimate the impact of these new rules and regulations on day-to-day operations. Administration tasks will increase, as will the time required for purchase order processing, accounts, and invoicing. Thus, dramatically increasing the pressure on the already strained purchasing, warehouse, sales, and finance teams.  

It’s time for businesses to review current systems and processes to see where they can automate tasks and alleviate this pressure on business resources. For example, enabling manifests to be produced for all consignments. This is now important when you produce delivery notes that have the location printed on the document and will be used by customs to search consignments. We are working with our customers on solutions that will make it quicker and easier to produce the right documentation.  

Furthermore, businesses will be required to produce Commercial Invoices for their exports which will need to hold new data fields like EORI and INCOTERMS. As well as product-level information for each line item, like weight, export commodity codes, country of origin and type of packaging. Again, we are enhancing our Accord system to accommodate these changes and make it easier for wholesalers and distributors produce the correct paperwork without additional cost or resources.  

To keep pace with these ever-changing regulatory demands, digitisation throughout the UK supply chain is essential. Wholesalers and distributors need robust end-to-end systems that can adapt to supply chain disruptions. Businesses can then better maintain efficiency through digital capabilities such as automation and the availability of real-time information. 

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