From an early age we are encouraged to question our surroundings and any information we are given; Who is that? What is it? When did that happen? Where? Why?  

Commonly referred as the 5Ws, these questions are our essential building blocks for information gathering and problem solving. Although the 5Ws are most commonly associated with journalism and other investigative professions, consumers are now asking questions to learn more about products before purchasing.  

The food and drink industry in particular is increasingly being scrutinised after a number of scandals in recent years, from horse meat burgers to tragic allergic reactions.   

As a result, people are becoming more vigilant about looking at ingredient lists, allergen information, packaging materials etc and they expect this information to be available on-demand or given promptly when they ask for it.  

This means having product traceability up and down your supply chain is more essential than ever, especially for food and drink wholesalers. General Food Law regulation defines traceability as “The ability to trace and follow food, feed and ingredients through all stages of production, processing and distribution.” 

Do you have this capability? Can you trace and follow your products (food, feed and ingredients) through all stages of production, processing and distribution, today, within your business, to demonstrate transparency and sustainability efforts to your customers?  

Traceability (visibility up and down the supply chain, from origin to end-user) can only be achieved through the effective digitisation of the supply chain. As a result, businesses can benefit from more harmonised data, better quality control, and more engaged customers.  

To achieve this, a truly integrated approach is needed with the help of a digital-first omnichannel platform.  As always with technology there are a multitude of new and exciting products and services that promise to take your business ‘to the next level’.   

However, it’s important to remember that a successful digital transformation is about utilising technology to standardise business processes and increase productivity. In return, there will be greater traceability, visibility and collaboration across supply chains.  

Find out how to increase traceability in your supply chain with the help digital-first software like Accord, please contact us to discuss further.