Why Business Alerts?

In every business there are critical events that happen every day. Even in the best run company these can go wrong – a supplier may fail to deliver goods customers are waiting for; a customer may default on payment of a long-standing debt. A computer system will register these problems, but it may be days before a manager sees a report and can act on it.

How does Business Alerts help?

It pro-actively notifies managers of such issues so they can act promptly to resolve them. It’s an automatic warning system, triggered by a pre-defined set of events on the computer system which generates e-mail or text messages to appropriate staff.

How does it work?

It runs as an automatic background task, monitoring your system. If a predetermined trigger point is met the system generates the warning messages.

What can be monitored?

It depends on your system. Accord® offers 2 types of alert: Business Alerts for events like low stocks, expiry dates, overdue deliveries; IT Specific Alerts to monitor system activity and flag urgent housekeeping tasks. Accord® is very flexible – you select the issues you consider critical, then set the conditions that will trigger the Alert.

Where do I get it?

Check with your IT provider.  A good solution should offer Business Alerts and your supplier should advise on other requirements such as dedicated PCs, modems and phones.