Electronic charity boxes were introduced by The Pennies Foundation in 2010; it was designed to make giving money to charity easy, quick and affordable. Retailers can nominate the charities they wish the majority of the funds they raise to go to, while 25% goes to a list of 10 charities approved by the Pennies Foundation trustee board to make sure a breadth of charitable causes are supported.

Since launching 10 national retailers and many smaller merchants have implemented pennies.

How it works

At the point of sale the consumer is given the option to privately donate small amounts from 1p-99p by just pressing ‘YES’ on the chip and PIN machine and then their payment is automatically rounded up to the nearest pound. It works the same way as a charity box where you find on your shop counter.

To use this Retailers have to have their till software interfaced to pennies. The donation functionality uses the EPos software with the chip and pin technology already available at PoS, so retailers upgrading to the latest version of the software have the option to offer the service to their customers.


BCP have recently interfaced its Epos Software solution to the Pennies foundation. You can read more about this here