Everyone is talking about ‘the cloud’ as the way of delivering business solutions to the retail sector.  However, despite its many proclaimed benefits, like the UK weather, ‘the cloud’ can be unpredictable. Raising important questions for retail businesses. 

One of the key issues to be addressed is “What happens to my business when there’s a ‘cloudburst’?”

What is needed is ‘a cloud with a silver lining’ – a solution which delivers the benefits of cloud computing yet also keeps your business trading. A solution like Accord Momentum.

Based on groundbreaking software technology, Accord Momentum combines the efficiencies and cost advantages of cloud/thin client solutions with the robust, resilient nature of traditional till solutions to deliver:

  • Zero downtime /true non-stop retailing
  • Data integrity
  • Fast, flexible, cost-effective deployment

Agile and flexible, Accord Momentum is available as a web-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution but will also operate effectively on-premise and on mobile devices. It can be interfaced to any back office, head office, CRM or ERP system and deployed over a LAN, WAN, VPN or Broadband Internet. The EPoS software’s component-driven Object Orientated Architecture (OOA) facilitates easy development and integration of application extensions.

To find out more about how Accord Momentum can help you to reduce costs, improve performance and keep your business trading in the cloud simply phone us on 0161 355 3000, email us at retail@bcpsoftware.com