The first warehouse management software solutions were understandably quite basic with the primary capabilities focusing on stock control.  Over the years new many features have been added and the option to integrate software with other areas of a business has greatly improved how they operate.  One of the most innovative introductions is the use of Voice technology; an advancement that has many benefits to all areas of the warehousing process.

Goods receiving and put away

When items that have been ordered from manufacturers arrive, warehouse staff are faced with the task of checking them in and putting them away.  Voice technology, in conjunction with barcode readers, allows staff members to inform the warehouse management software of each item as as it is received, and to capture details such as best before date and batch number.  As items are confirmed to have arrived they are checked off the order list; allowing for any discrepancies to be highlighted, and the warehouse management software generates a put away instruction.  The fork list truck drivers are then provided audio guidance over their headset as to where they should place each item within the warehouse.

Picking and replenishment

One of the biggest problems for warehouse staff in the past has been the need to handle paper lists or to look at a screen whilst picking and replenishing items.  This kind of approach is time consuming, can lead to damaged goods due to dropping and also increase the likelihood of staff injuries.  Voice technology allows the running of a paper-free warehouse operation, which is quicker, more accurate, safer and more cost effective.


When orders are dispatched to customers Voice technology allows staff to communicate the stock movement in real time.  There is no need for them to return to a central terminal to confirm the movement; which helps to reduce man hours whilst removing the chance of human error.  The warehouse management software is automatically updated with the required information which provides customers with accurate tracking capabilities.

Stock management

The ability to easily communicate stock movement to, from and within your warehouse without the need to leave the warehouse floor is invaluable.  Important information is relayed in real time as stock movement occurs; increasing accuracy of stock data. As a result warehouse managers are able to accurately monitor stock levels to ensure that stock-outs rarely occur, thus improving customer service level.

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