Where can Voice be used and what are the benefits?
Voice can be used across many warehouse operations, including stock checking, goods received, pallet put-away and letdown, but it’s most widely used in Order Picking where productivity improvements of 10-20% and accuracy levels of 99.99% are common.

Can it handle different dialects and accents?
Yes – each user trains the system to recognise his voice.

Can it be used in noisy or extreme conditions like freezer rooms?
Absolutely. It works perfectly in both. In cold conditions, the hands-free operation actually makes work easier, delivering even greater productivity improvements.

What’s needed to implement Voice?
You need an RF network, voice hardware – including terminals, headsets and microphones – and a real-time, Voice integrated WMS. Middleware solutions, bolting Voice on to existing WMS, can do the job, but the best solutions, like Accord WMS, have been designed for Voice from inception and provide flexible functionality, such as multiple picking options, to suit a wide range of user requirements.

What’s the usual ROI?
Very quick. Typically, you’ll recoup your investment within 12 months – faster with multiple picking shifts.

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