Managing suppliers well is just as important to business success as managing customers.  To optimise customer service and reduce costs it’s vital you deal efficiently with suppliers, using a single point to keep track of supply issues, what’s been agreed, who’s doing what and so on.

So how does it work?

Similarly to CRM systems.  It provides a central console to access supplier related information in your computer system and a single, central repository of your contacts with suppliers so they can be reviewed and actioned throughout the company.  This ensures that all relevant facts are to hand when dealing with a supplier, progress of tasks can be monitored and any problem areas or hold-ups easily identified and addressed.  Problems like mislaid post-its, memory lapses, and lost emails become a thing of the past.

What should I watch out for?

A good system should include easy to set-up, user configurable ‘work flows’ for processing of standard call types and ‘business alerts’ to allow automatic notification of things like new calls or failure to meet target resolution times.  It should also be simple to operate, easy to modify as the business changes and integrate fully to other parts of the system required to deal with supplier issues, like Pricing, Purchasing, and Stock Control.

Where do I get it?

Some systems, like Accord®, include it.  Read more about our Accord® Solutions here