With the economy struggling and tough times predicted the temptation can be to postpone capital investment and ignore technology improvements in the short to medium term.   However, experience shows that controlling costs and improving efficiency are more critical at these times and investing in appropriate technology can help you do just that.  

Here are just some examples of how intelligent IT can help you flourish in the current downturn and boost long term performance:

Cut operating costs and improve customer service – Productivity improvements of 10-20% and picking accuracy of 99.99% are typical with Voice technology in the warehouse.  The result is significant cost savings and a remarkably fast ROI – typically 9-12 months – making it an ideal investment in the current economic climate.

Reduce Stocks – to release working capital and maximize cash in hand.

This is more important than ever when the economy is slow and access to external funds limited.

Increase sales – by focusing on best selling and profitable lines, eliminating low or non-performers and using pro-active Telesales to increase order values

Buy better – using sophisticated demand forecasting, better information and supplier performance statistics to negotiate better deals.

Control gross margins – fine tune prices and margins to market conditions and target promotions and loyalty schemes to maximize returns