BCP has interfaced its EPoS software solution to mobile voucher and redemption specialist Eagle Eye so that retailers who use its retail software can take full advantage of the growing popularity of digital vouchers and coupons in the retail sector.

The key to any digital voucher is the ability to redeem simply and securely, in real time and with the ability to track customer usage.  By integrating its EPoS offering to Eagle Eye through the chip & pin terminal BCP delivers that vision today for retailers simply and cost effectively.  Customers with a digital voucher or coupon on their mobile device simply enter the pin into the store pin pad.  The EPoS system processes it immediately and the price at the till is adjusted.  At the same time the system creates a redemption report which can be aggregated to deliver real business intelligence so the retailer can measure the success of promotions and plan future marketing and promotional activities effectively.

Richard Marshall, BCP Retail Systems Business Development Manager: “With the trend towards mobile devices and digital coupons set to gather pace, the ability to make effective use of digital coupons is expected to become an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for retailers and this enhancement to our software means BCP clients can get that competitive edge very easily and cost effectively.”