BCP helping wholesalers ‘TranSend’ their delivery management

Business Computer Projects (BCP) has partnered with TranSend Solutions to provide wholesale distributors with a fully integrated delivery management solution.

BCP, a leading provider of supply chain software solutions, chose to partner with TranSend because their electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software integrates seamlessly with BCP’s warehouse management system Accord, providing two-way data transfer between the ePOD device and back office system.  TranSend ePOD is an easy to use mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices, and presents the driver with step-by-step instructions. It provides real-time data capture and delivery tracking, thus removing the need for businesses to have separate tracking devices or investment in additional software.

The delivery management software has a range of automated functions which will enable BCP customers to streamline their delivery processes; from route planning and GPS vehicle tracking to pre-arrival notifications and ePOD, accommodating varying customer instructions by stop and product type. Data captured from the driver’s device feeds into a centralised online portal giving real-time updates to drivers, customers and back office teams. This is particularly useful for wholesale distributors in the food and drink sector who may have multiple product types, restricted delivery time-windows and need accurate deliveries and control of returned goods.

Martin Tanner, Accord Product Owner at BCP said “TranSend share our ambition to provide wholesale distributors with cost-effective software solutions throughout the supply-chain and we have already seen a number of our customers, who are keen to optimise operational efficiency and drive down distribution costs, benefit from using TranSend ePOD software.”

To find out more about ePOD and the services we provide please contact us on 0161 355 3000 or email info@bcpsoftware.com


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