The warehouse is a fundamental part of a wholesaler’s operations and for it to work efficiently it requires a delicate balance of supply, demand and inventory control. If poorly managed and without the support of quality systems the warehouse can cause significant problems for the entire business, from low stock and reduced cash flow to poor customer service.

Why not book a Warehouse Consultancy Appointment to see how you could improve your warehouse efficiency. Having worked with food and drink wholesalers and food services businesses for over 40 years, we often hear about the same three key issues which affect overall efficiency and order fulfilment in the warehouse:

Picking errors
Inaccurate picking and delivery are costly and detrimental to your customer service levels. Over time, we have seen many wholesalers waste money on additional deliveries in an effort to fulfil orders that were shipped incorrectly, and if this happens frequently, customers often look elsewhere.

Inaccurate stock information
Having incorrect stock information can lead to over-ordering and unnecessary waste. Equally, it could lead to under-ordering, leaving the warehouse unable to fulfil latest orders. Poor stock location information can cause significant problems because it forces your staff to be waste time by having to constantly travel around the warehouse to locate stock.

Low productivity and staffing levels
Many warehouses still work off inefficient manual and labour-intensive processes. A lot of the time, there is no common route taken to pick items, causing critical delays and potential duplication of work effort. With Brexit on the horizon, many warehouses are also concerned about the potential impact this could have on staff availability.

If these problems sound familiar and you’re concerned that your warehouse has become unmanageable, we are here to help. The most common cause for these issues is an old technology or traditional paper-based warehouse management system which is no longer suitable for expanding businesses working in the highly regulated and extremely competitive food and drink industry.

Book a Warehouse Consultancy Appointment with a member of our team to find out how our Accord Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help maximise your resources and bring dramatic improvements across your warehouse operations. Our team has the expertise and experience needed to review your processes and identify areas for improvement. They will work with you to develop a solution suited to your business today and for the future.

Our Warehouse Consultancy services include:

  • Identifying inefficiencies with your processes and areas for improvement.
  • Recommending suitable warehouse management solutions, whether that’s handheld scanning devices or Voice WMS and how to optimise floor layouts.
  • Working with you to design an implementation plan and suitable deployment timescale.
  • Advising you on future integration opportunities with other systems.

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