Cardiff based food and drink wholesaler, Global Foods, has chosen Business Computer Projects (BCP) to implement a new Radio Frequency (RF) Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Global Foods, who pride themselves on their reputation for reliable customer service, recently became concerned about efficiency in their warehouse following an increasing number of complaints about picking errors across their delivered trade operations. They currently stock in excess of 20,000 ambient, frozen and chilled products, however, because similar products are often kept next to each other for the benefit of their cash & carry customers, the wrong products for delivered trade customers are often being selected by warehouse staff.

They turned to BCP for a suitable solution to improve the accuracy of product picks across their warehouse and ensure high customer service levels are maintained. They have decided to implement an RF WMS which will create a new order fulfilment process to prevent errors going forward.

They chose the RF warehouse system because of the device interface, which allows the picking controller to monitor the stages at which an order is progressed. They were particularly impressed with the real-time information it will provide. Sami Tariq, Senior Buyer at Global Foods said: “We do not currently have any management information relating to the time an item is picked, how long an individual item takes to pick or if some pickers are quicker than others, so the statistics this system will provide will benefit us in the long-term.”

Due to go live at the end of March, the system will maximise productivity across Global Foods by eliminating the need for them to undertake so many manual item checks against orders and reducing credit note processing for wrongly selected items. Having a first-class selection system will also provide assurance to its customers. “Our aim is to ensure our customers receive what they selected. We want to avoid the necessity of our customers having to complain to us for the wrong items and build long term relationships with them.” Tariq continues.

Global Foods is a long-standing customer of BCP and have used our Accord software for the last 10 years. This new RF system will integrate seamlessly with their existing ERP system and provide a more streamlined operation.