It is fair to say that EPOS software has revolutionised the retail industry. It can make businesses run more efficiently as well as improve business performance significantly. But it’s not only internally that it makes a difference as customers are also, perhaps even without realising, able to reap the benefits of POS software.

Efficient service

Before, when staff had to manually type in the price of the item that was being bought, a significant amount of time was spent on checking prices, often looking them up in catalogues, as well as the typing. With staff being able to simply scan the barcode of the item customers can expect to be served much quicker and more efficiently. EPOS software helps to reduce queues at checkouts and makes for a quicker check out process and happier customers.

Removes chances of human error

The software also eliminates the possibility of human error while typing in prices or looking them up. Because the codes are already on the products and are being scanned at the till the customers can purchase their items in confidence that any errors are extremely unlikely.

Updated stock information

By integrating your EPOS software to your stock control system you will always have access to, and control over, stock levels. If customers need information about your stocked goods you can quickly give them up to date, reliable advice. Equally, linking the software up to your website is highly recommended as you can keep your online customers updated on stock availability, warn them if there are going to be delays to their delivery or offer alternative products.

Reduces staff costs

The time saved on scanning goods is extremely valuable to businesses. This means that you can keep your staff costs down as each staff member can serve more customers, and in turn you can offer more competitive prices. In the current economic climate most shoppers appreciate a bargain no matter what they are shopping for and this is a market you could satisfy.

There is no doubt that you can make your customers’ buying experience much more enjoyable with EPOS software. The majority of shoppers want a hassle free process where they feel they are being served within a reasonable amount of time and have confidence in buying from your business. A happy customer is a retained customer.

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