Customer loyalty is key to growth and profit. Happy and satisfied customers return again and again, and loyal customers equal more visibility, brand recognition, and an increased bottom line.

There are a few brilliant and highly effective ways to encourage customer loyalty. The most efficient and economical way is by implementing EPoS software, an indispensable tool any business would be wise to employ.

The most valuable benefit of EPoS software and loyalty programs is how they allow businesses to electronically track customers’ spending habits so in order to reward returning customers a Loyalty Scheme can be used, which can be redeemed for discounts or points, there is also an ability to have in place multiple schemes with their own rules and running in unison. Additionally it can be set up to include all customers and be limited to individual customer types or applied to a list of customers.

Anticipating what customers like and what they buy most often endows any business the power to tailor inventory, and provideĀ best-sellersĀ all year round. Customers love knowing their favourite items are always on the shelf. They thrive on special reasons to keep returning to a particular business. They appreciate and look forward to points, discounts, sales, and other incentives that make them feel special, and convey to them a respect and love for their patronage. For customers who drop large amounts of money in your store, customize an EPoS software package that allows you to reward them with seasonal discounts on new items, or a year-end gift card they can redeem in-store.


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