New ‘track and trace’ system for tobacco products is coming into force on the 20 May 2019

The European Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD) (2014/40/EU) limits the sale and promotion of tobacco-related products within the EU. Its primary aim is to ensure a high level of health protection for European citizens. It is also there to also improve the internal functioning of the tobacco market.

However, from 20 May 2019, a new tracking system will be implemented to fight the illicit trade of tobacco products across the EU. Any company involved in the distribution of cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco will have to record the movements of these products through their supply chain.

We are working with our customers and representatives from the tobacco industry to find out more. We will be developing a new solution within Accord which will help you be compliant with this new regulation.

If you would like further information about the European Tobacco Products Directive please contact us.

If you do not sell tobacco related products then these regulations will not affect you.