We have previously explored the issues of sustainability in the supply chain. However, we also wanted to highlight that it’s not all about the environment and reducing waste. It’s also about reducing negative social impacts on your employees and society. Below we explore how you can ensure employee well-being in today’s digital age with Labour Management Solutions.

You may have recently seen allegations of poor working conditions in some of the bigger warehouses. Stories about the pressure staff are working under to get orders out. Order fulfilment is key to your customer satisfaction. But does it need to be at the cost of your employees’ well-being? We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say no!

There’s no denying that Amazon has had a significant impact on people’s online shopping habits and expectations. They are one of the biggest contributors to the rise of ecommerce which is reshaping how wholesalers do business. Not only creating a need for B2B ecommerce, but also the need for faster and cheaper order fulfilment.

This causes problems in the warehouse where productivity is always a challenge. Maintaining high levels of service demanded by your customers can be pressure on staff. This creates undesirable working conditions which can lead to poor performance, more errors and absences. When labour is already hard to come by you can’t afford to let these problems develop.

Warehouse staff are at the heart of your supply chain. To help you improve their efficiency and keep your labour costs down we often recommend a Voice Labour Management system. This provides a range of benefits to you and your employees:

  • Reduced costs by automating time-consuming manual tasks. You will then be able to deploy your staff more efficiently elsewhere.
  • Full visibility of your workforce so you can schedule workload and adjust staff levels as needed. You will have fewer absences because you can ensure workers have regular breaks and time off.
  • Improved employee morale through more streamlined management processes. You can also use the system to track performance and introduce incentive schemes. This is a great way to boost staff engagement.
  • Greater operational agility through better business intelligence. This means you can assign the right staff at the right time to adapt to changing fulfilment targets.

 To find out more about Voice Labour Management systems please contact us.