EPoS software is becoming ever more popular in retail outlets across the UK, from larger well known names to smaller corner shops.  The benefits delivered by Accord EPoS software are extensive and there are several ways in which it helps to improve security and reduce losses from criminal or fraudulent behaviour.  Here we look at one aspect of this – Integrated Payment.

Integrated payment

Good EPoS software should be designed with the capability to integrate with Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  This is a system that links to the till and allows customers to pay for their items via their credit or debit card.  The system reads from the till the amount that is due and then instantly debits the money directly from the customer’s account or assigns it to their credit card company once they have confirmed their PIN number.

Handling cash

Obviously the use of EPoS software with an integrated EFT system means that your business is likely to receive less cash over the counter.  This reduces the risks involved with handling cash – in store at the time of sale, when the till is balanced and when store takings are reconciled, then later when the cash is either collected by a security firm, or personally deposited by the business owner or a member of staff.

Protecting your profit

When paying with a cheque there is always the possibility that a customer may not have enough money in his account to cover the cost of his purchases.  In these instances the bank will charge a fee to not only the customer, but also the business trying to bank the cheque.  EPoS software with integrated EFT means that such charges can be avoided as, when paying by card, the system will refuse the transaction if the customer’s account does not hold sufficient funds or if he exceeds his credit limit.  In addition you avoid losses resulting from the customer leaving with items that they have not actually paid for.

At BCP we provide our own branded Accord® EPoS software with a huge range of functionality options, making it a great solution for improved security in all manner of retail settings.  For further information on the multitude of benefits provided by our Accord EPoS software call our helpful customer advisors on +44(0) 161 355 3000.  Alternatively you can email us at retail@bcpsoftware.com or complete our online contact form.