Efficiency has long been a buzzword associated with warehouse management. However, it’s no longer just about getting as much out the door as quickly as possible. For true efficiency, you also need to reduce the resources you use to achieve your business goals and avoid creating unnecessary waste. All while ensuring you provide excellent customer service. 

In today’s technologically advanced world, it would be easy to assume that this is easy to achieve. However, for wholesalers, the warehouse is often the most expensive and complicated area of their business. These processes combine people, equipment, IT and customer needs. All of which are tied to order lead time, thus customer satisfaction, which only elevates the warehouse’s importance.

Despite these challenges, the warehouse is often where the most efficiency can be gained, primarily through Voice Warehouse Solutions. Many assume that Voice technology is just for picking tasks. However, an end-to-end Voice Directed WMS also provides substantial benefits across your warehouse! Its real-time functionality means that it is available for all warehouse activities.

Outlined below are some of the other areas of the warehouse where Voice is essential:

Goods Receiving
Receiving is often an overlooked part of the warehouse. However, your level of performance here is crucial. This area is where the whole process begins, and any inefficiency at this point will continue throughout your warehouse.

With a Voice-enabled WMS, you can track the volume of goods received, per operative, per hour. Your team can also cross-reference goods received with purchase orders in real-time. As a result, staff can identify any discrepancies immediately and date controlled products can be managed more effectively further down the line. 

Put away 
It takes time to sort and put-away new inventory, but do you know how much time? It’s important to know because inventory that is on-site, but not accessible, is unable to create income. Ensuring your team is as efficient and accurate as possible at this point will ensure a smoother picking operation. Thus, also reducing order lead times. 

Voice Labour Management is beneficial here because it gives you complete visibility of your workforce. When staff availability and costs remain a major concern for many wholesalers, maximising productivity is crucial. With Voice Labour Management, you can gain greater operational efficiency because you can analyse individual worker productivity and spot any potential bottlenecks. You can also reduce costs by automating time-consuming manual tasks and deploy staff more efficiently elsewhere. 

As mentioned this is one of the most common areas where Voice is implemented because productivity is proven to increase by 50%. This is because it enables workers to operate hands-free. Voice Picking significantly simplifies and streamlines the processes and makes it a lot quicker. Voice in this areas also significantly reduces the administrative burden of printing and distributing picking lists, and makes reporting and invoicing a lot faster.

Warehouses often need to process returns, but this can increase the cost of the whole warehouse operation. As a result, you need to measure the rate in which goods return. You can then diagnose the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. However, by implementing Voice WMS, your warehouse operations become more streamlined, and fulfilment is more accurate. This means you can reduce the number of incorrect orders that are shipped, and thus reduce the costs to correct them.

It’s clear to see that warehouse efficiency, and customer satisfaction remains reliant on technology, especially with the rise of automation and robotics. As a result, Voice WMS remains one of the most cost-effective ways to increase efficiency.