Amazon have already banked in on big spend over the Christmas period with Black Friday alone taking orders for more than 5.5 million items just in the UK.

There is a big challenge for retailers to offer Omni-channel and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. Ensuring goods arrive quickly and on time is key to keeping customers happy, with free delivery and convenience being two big factors in online shopping.

Competition amongst carriers is giving consumers a lot more choice over not just the time of delivery, but also the location, offering more delivery slots, with even one-two hour windows becoming common.  Underlying this are increasingly efficient IT systems, including Voice WMS, which allow orders to be picked not only faster, but more accurately – both absolutely critical to customer loyalty, as having a parcel delivered late or having the wrong item delivered is not just frustrating, but can drive customers away.  BCP’s Accord Voice WMS typically offers picking accuracy of 99.99%, helping warehouses cope with the sheer volume of orders and delivering successful retailing.

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